Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Racist on day one.

Are you fucking serious?!

She's been sick?

She's on medication?


I don't care if your being beat upside the fucking skull with the ass end of a '72 Buick. You (or anyone apologizing for you) can NOT use that as a got damn excuse. Think about what they are asking you to accept.

Allow me to paraphrase .

Since she is in pain, she's probably cranky and short tempered and less likely to invest the time to sugar coat her statements or tell the necessary social 'white lies' to get along in public.

Ummm... I'll take kiss my black ass for $2000.

That means that she is normally thinking and living in that mind state.

Fuck you Geraldine, eat a dick and choke.

Find out for yourself... here.


P.J. said...

I was wondering when someone would say this. Kind of surprised (a little maybe) that it came from a democrat though.

Maybe mildly surprised is a better way to say it.

The best way to sew the seeds of dissemination is to do it inside the party.

Although I do have to criticize the "eat a dick and choke" comment...that was a picture I didn't fucking need in my head.

And actually, if you think about it, it's possible that Ferraro's comments may work out for the best. It shows people what old, rich, white politicians are really like.

Demon Hunter said...

Geraldine is simply jealous. The fact that Obama is Black and Hillary is a woman---AND are this far in the race is astounding in this very racist and sexist country.

She needs to sit her dried up old butt down somewhere.

Muze said...

wow. angry much gangi?

this post made me laugh. that comment she said pissed me off.

i'm with you all the way.

come check out my blog today. i gave you a shout out.