Saturday, October 4, 2008

I haven't been posting.

I've been asked why I haven't been posting. I could say it's because of work, school, and volunteering for the Obama campaign [the preceding is probably poor grammar]. Really, it is because I've been so immersed in the Obama campaign that the campaign or the campaign's subject is all that I would write about. I write about things 'kicking around in my head' and since I spend a significant portion of my free time talking with 'undecided' voters; my blog could easily turn into a 'tech support hell' type of place for low level political operatives. While that would be cathartic for me, and probably funny to some folks; that's not want I want to do.

The tone of my observations on this election season are more than adequately described by the posters and commenters at various sites.

These sites include:

Talking Points Memo
Sadly, No
Balloon Juice
The Huffington Post
The New York Times
The Washington Post
The Field Negro
BBC News
CQ Politics
Open Left
Economist (Democracy in America)
Crooks and Liars
The Field (Al Giordano)
Too Sense
The Atlantic (Andrew Sullivan)

and more...

So, if you want an approximation of my opinion; compile the themes for these sites, and you'll find a large degree of accuracy.