Tuesday, February 26, 2008

20th debate super quick rewind

Yeah, I've been slacking, I have almost all humanities classes (lots of writing) so deal...


[6:00 P.M. PST]: Start

Clinton message altering montage…

Clinton: This is a contested campaign, but we have differences; but his tactics were disturbing, he forced my hand… goes into her mandated health care defense. States her plan will cover everyone and it would be affordable… calls his statements about it inaccurate.

Obama in Somali garb

Clinton: Continues plausible deniability defense

Obama: Takes Clinton at her word… goes into defense of mailer; draws the differences between the health care plans (95% similar) talks about her mandate… gives her wiggle room with Massachusetts example, says shes whining about negative campaigning

Clinton: This is a really important issue, she states that Obama’s plan has a mandate that require parents to insure their children; says that insurance companies will benefit without a mandate; repeatedly states that she has experts agreeing with her health care plan

Obama: responds with his own experts including ex-pres Clinton’s staffer, says his reduces cost the most and looks for her mandate enforcement

Clinton: goes back to the parent’s children’s mandate and says there is no difference (her voice raises a few octaves) compares her plan to a new deal plan or a 401k… and says hers is cheaper overall

Obama: refutes her cost control spin, defends his children’s mandate, says her experts claim there is no real difference between their plans

Clinton: presses on, continues to talk over the moderaters and Obama

Obama: cites specifics refuting her claims


Clinton: goes into the the Saturday night live defense; says she has been a critic of NAFTA from the beginning, said she didn’t have a public forum in the administration… says it works in some areas of the country and not in others. Wants to do a trade “time out” to reassess and reconfigure the plan, it doesn’t work, cries foul again

Obama: It inaccurate that she had been always against NAFTA; cites her Senate run where she said it was good for NY and good for America. Hes into the “When I am President of the US” thing

Will you end NAFTA? (Tim calls her on her record of defending NAFTA)

Clinton: No. Will renegotiate. Keeps trying to shift the questioning to Obama and off of her. Continues to say its working some places and not in others

Obama: No. Agrees with Clinton’s position; cites Tribune Senate endorsement for his stance against NAFTA (does the when I’m pres thing again)

Has it been good for Ohio?

Obama: Not completely, blames administrations stewardship of the economy… spins into stump speech about his economic plan.

Tim calls her on job production failure in NY

Clinton: blames Bush on her failure in NY, states she’ll have more power as pres; cites her husband’s job production record… spins into economic stump

Clinton’s comments about foreign policy

Obama: Clinton conflates longevity of experience, cites his judgment on Iraq; attacks McCain, goes specifically hawkish on ACTUAL Al Qaida.

Is Obama qualified?

Clinton: experience blah, blah, blah… just a speech, when they were both in office they were the same, states he’s wrong about Pakistan and meeting with dictators. Thinks she can compete better with McCain on foreign policy

Obama: States that he was in a hotly contested Senate campaign so that speech DID have real risk for him. Says she was ready on day one, states she was ready to give in on day one (to Bush). His claim is not just a speech, but judgment.

If Iraqi gov’t asks tells you to get out, will you?

Obama: Yes. But thinks we can be in a partnership, we have to send a clear signal to the gov’t that we won’t be their forever; we cannot be held hostage by the Iraqi gov’t… expenditure is unsustainable

Clinton: Yes. There is no military solution.

If Iraq goes to hell do you think you have the right to reinvade?

Clinton: Tim, stop making up shit. Says we will have an orderly withdrawal. Says Obama has never done oversight on his Europe (NATO) committee

Obama: Became chair @ the beginning of this campaign, we are getting resistance from our allies in putting more troops into Afghanistan because we fucked up so bad in Iraq.

[6:48 P.M. PST]: Commercial break

Hillary’s sarcasm.

Obama: Sounds good. [laughter from Hillary and the audience]

I thought Clinton showed good humor gives her points for delivery. I understand the point she’s trying to make, but I spent 20 years trying to help people. If she thinks that’s all talk, then she need to ask the people I helped. Goes into anecdote about how D.C. doesn’t listen to the little people. I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t think I could help

What did you mean by that comment?

Clinton: I know things won’t be easy, you can’t hope it will, or you can’t say it’s the right thing to do. I have a plan, it takes a fighter… goes into anecdotes from the campaign trail. Brings up their differences on fiscal votes (Energy/Credit card).

Obama clip showing the claim credit for good things in the Clinton years, but run away for the bad.

Obama: correctly states that she claims her WH years as experience, restates his claim. States he didn’t just object to the credit card thing it was the whole bill, brings up the voted for the bill but hoped it wouldn’t pass remark from Clinton. Talks about her failed healthcare strategy. We need to mobilize the people to change things.

Public campaign finance for general election…

Obama: I’m not the nominee yet, brings up McCain’s FEC troubles. Says I wouldn’t take PAC finance, got 90% of donations from small donors; $109 average

Clinton refusal to release tax return.

Clinton: The American people that support my campaign is where my money is coming from, I’ll do it when I’m the nominee maybe before that, not before Tuesday.

Will you release you itinerary as 1st lady?

Clinton: Yes. As soon as we can.

Farrakhan backing?

Obama: I’ve been very clear in my opposition to his policies, I can’t censor him. I can’t tell someone they can’t say I’m a good guy.

About church leader?

Obama: I have support of the Jewish community. I have been a stalwart supporter of Israel. I don not tolerate anti-semitism. Wants to rebuild the historic Black/Jewish relationship.

Clinton: She said she rejected support in her N.Y. Senate run, she was ready to take that stand. (Snide calling for rejection from Obama). She thinks he isn’t strong enough in his repudiation.

Obama: If she thinks denounce isn’t stronger than reject… then I concede the point. I denounce and reject. (ovation)

[7:15 P.M. PST]: Commercial break

Most liberal voting record.

Obama: Let look at the source and the 2 vote difference. (2 year on 1 year off guest worker & external investigatory body) Calls it silly. People are past the labels.

Who is going to be Putin’s successor?

Clinton: He will be handpicked and control by Putin. The opposition was run out of town. The so called opposition leader has been praising Putin. Stumbles over his name.

Obama: agrees with Cinton’s assessment. Recalls Bush’s stupid gullibility and his lack of attentiveness to Russian affairs.

If they try to help retake Kosovo?

Obama: Work with international community. Praises Clinton intervention.

Take backs?

Clinton: Talks about her Iraq vote says she wouldn’t do it again [OMFG!!! She finally takes it back!!!] but… this election should be about the future cites other international problems and says she is better equipped to handle them.

Obama: the Terri Shiavo vote, thinks he should’ve stopped it, he didn’t act and he should have. Echoes Clinton’s praise-a-thon at the end.

Closing question: What question does Clinton need to answer to win?

Obama: Clinton is better to McCain, but I’m better than she is for the job, she doesn’t have any question to answer; I can bring the country together in a unique way.

What question does Obama need to answer to win?

Clinton: I still intend to win, still honored to run with Obama, thinks 1st woman president would be a sea change. My experience gives me the best chance of getting things done. Goes into campaign anecdote about helping needy people , we need a middle class fighter.


Anonymous said...

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Muze said...

about time. i'll be back later.

ladybug said...

Hmmm. All I know is some of my fundie freak relatives have been passing around an "Obama as Al-Queda" (i.e. Manchurian) candidate viral email...I actually think it was put out by their church too.

They are totally convinced he's going to install Islam as a "government" religion if he gets in office....they say, "He's READ the Koran! He attended a Muslim school! It's the TRUTH!"

Suffice to say, I have nothing to do with these folks. Thank god they live in another state.

P.J. said...

It seems like the biggest problem these two have is the fact that they are actually quite similar in MOST respects.

And McCain will do something ridiculous to try to win. Like convince Ralph Nader to run. Which he did. And that may be the only thing that can stop a democrat as president.

Fucking Nader.

I saw that 'Obama is a Muslim, run for your life' e-mail too. It is ranked #1 in false e-mails on snopes.com. If anything, it makes me want to vote for him twice. Maybe he can ask all the stupid people who believe that e-mail to move to Canada or some other area with wide open enough space for them to roam and die.

Anonymous said...

I like the obamawill.com. Good one. All Heart and empty promises, or is it for real?