Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Twitter theory

Twitter is an aggregator, but not of just content also the reaction to content.  So on the content side you can follow one space agency and if you happen to see a tweet on you TL before it spawns by, cool.  But if you follow every space agency there is a fair chance that any extra-atmospheric event of human interest will get enough aggregation as to be unavoidable.  On the reaction side something that you might normally think is irritating but doesn't rise to the level of action (a micro-aggression perhaps) has to get that pass from everyone who might feel a similar way.  But we know how micro-aggressions work, there is almost always someone for whom that today's fuckery is the last straw so this person reacts.  Since we are social primates with similar interests (as evidenced by us seeing similar things on Twitter) that one person's last straw reaction is another weight to your pile of WTF which may or may not be enough to hit your activation energy.  But again, even if it doesn't set you off, it has to once again run the gauntlet of every similar person which will usually tip someone else over into reactivity and suddenly you have a meltdown in reactor four.