Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm waiting...

...for the primary to be over because it is consuming my life (this is what happens when you get involved with actual campaign work).

For our faux news visitors/NYPost readers:

HEADLINE - Kentucky congressman calls Obama "boy".

This is my complete lack of amazement. (hint: click the word 'this')

This is the lame 'explanation'.


P.J. said...

Is this a shock at all?

Republican bigotry? What a surprise. ..Once people learn to accept that this is not a "Melting Pot" and the group of Rich White Christian Men are in charge and unlikely to hand over power lightly, we'll have a better grip on this situation (and the others that will plague Obama's campaign/presidency)

Muze said...

you can blog about other stuff gangi. lol.

go out and party and then tell us about it ha!

that banner is cracking me up.