Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And now for something completely different...

...if you're going to be off topic, do it with the correct intro...


My infomania.
Yes, I abso-fuckin'-lutely HAVE to know... EVERYTHING
My memory capacity.
Have to put all the info somewhere
My reading speed.
I need to know everything, RIGHT NOW!
My imagination.
Fueled by my infomania, enhanced by my memory
My ability to problem solve.
Usually compensates for errors in judgement;
aided by the aformentioned mental traits
My verbal communication ability.
Defending my mental territory since MCMLXXIV
My ability to seemingly seamlessly incorporate new experiences with little apparant reaction.
Be suprised, keep your sense of wonder, just don't let them know;
also known as the New York shrug
My level of discernment when adopting new friends.
This is the family YOU CHOOSE, get it right
My silly super metabolism.
Allows me to eat 22 oz. T-bone steaks in a single bound;
also allows me to survive 25 and a half hour bouts of St. Patrick's Day celebration
The strange tiny blond hair I have on various parts of my body.
Yep, I'm a mutt


natural muze said...

ha. well thank you for participating...great list! i'll be back later to read thoroughly.


SistaSocialite said...

LOL... I need some of that off your list!
Great Blog

P.J. said...

Infomania?...I can't believe you used the word infomania...

Does this mean we'll soon have nymphotainment on the news?

Oh wait...you mean Paris is the closest thing we get to nymphomation on the news?

Aww shit...here we are again...

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I love T-bone steak. But, I haven't had a T-Bone steak since I left the United States and stopped going to Olive Garden. I also miss Zuppa Toscana.

I see a lot of Black people with reddish blond hair on their arms and legs here in Brazil. I've often been curious about that. I admit that I've seen a number of beautiful women like that and wondered what it would be like to intertwine my body with thiers.

On an entirely different subject, what do you suppose engenders more controversy in a Black family? Being gay or marrying a white woman? That's the question I explore in an essay today, entitled,

"Gays, White Women, Controversy and Acceptance in a Black Family."

Lisa said...

Love your list!! My first time to your spot - I realize you posted this a while ago, but I had to comment. My fav comment, though, was "Yep, I'm a mutt". - funny!