Wednesday, July 25, 2007

...eliminates even the toughest stain...

I honestly don't know what our... [me]searches for the proper honorific[/me] ...FUCKING IDIOT IN CHARGE has to do to get fired. How in the fuck can you commute the prison sentence of someone who essentially worked for you? If you pardoned him then you'd be saying, "I don't think a crime has been committed". By commuting the sentence you say, "I know there is a crime but I think I am better equipped to adjudicate the law".

This is the same retard who was either too engrossed in the riveting plot of 'My Pet Goat', or so terrified that his limited brain function failed for seven minutes while the country he was responsible for was being attacked. Better equipped than a jury of his peers and an experienced judge (you know the Judicial branch), are you fucking serious?

Even a lack wit in George W. Bush's class of mental ineptitude understands that this unequivocally means that there is the law for 'you people' and the law for the elite ruling class. Lets say your jury was still out on that one despite the fact that there is a discontinuity between theory and practice of law (e.g. If man A sneaks in a corner store and steals $350 and gets caught, and man B defrauds the retirement trust of a corporation for $350,000,000 [leaving thousands of people without any sort of retirement fund]. Who goes to prison longer [likely WITH a mandatory minimum sentencing]? The answer should be Man B, but as most of us know it is Man A). This is the light shining under the rock where you have obviously been hiding, your personal wake up call.

What are you going to do?
Well you could show your support with your personal capital:
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Yes that is absolutely real, no I'm not lying to you (notice the real silver from ground zero). I know they're ghouls, but they're American ghouls and that means... something right?

Or, you might actually want to do something useful but have been made impotent with rage (I feel you, why do you think it's taken me this long to post?). Stop. Take some breaths, puffs, drinks or whatever your personal centering technique happens to be. Now make a plan, make if good, then tell someone about it, after they shoot it down and poke it full of holes (what are friends for?) rebuild your plan. Keep submitting it to your personal community of devil's advocates until you think it's good enough.

Now execute your plan.

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